Tuesday, July 17, 2012

We have moved :)

The adventures continue at Our Travelling Zoo . If you are one of my three regular readers, please don't forget to change your bookmark.

Almeno per rispetto verso la nonna, lo scrivo anche in italiano:

Le avventure continuano al nuovo blog, che e' per il momento intitolato "Our Travelling Zoo" o "Il Nostro Zoo Viaggiante". Quando poi ritrovo la concentrazione magari riesco a farmi venire in mente un titolo migliore.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

We are moving

Since the "fratellini" are no longer just two, it seems right to celebrate Lila's birth by moving to a more suitable address. So add Our Travelling Zoo to your bookmarks (please..?) and read about the new adventures of due fratellini + una sorellina :)

By the way, it has just occurred to me to check whether the correct spelling is with one or two l's. It turns out that "travelling" is  the British English spelling, but I have already picked the address of the blog, so we are stuck with it. Sorry, Americans.
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