Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Week eighteen

Rohan turned four months, but most importantly, he is teething. Welcome to the latest episode of the long running show "The Menace Of The Phantom Tooth". This time, however, we have real evidence: loud screams, baby finally sleeps only after having been given Motrin, two white dots seem to be visible under the lower gum. And yet, this was yesterday, while today he seems to be doing much better. But I don't lower my guard: teeth have been known to try and fool me before :)

The week has been busy, even if we don't count yesterday's madness with Rohan screaming - because he is teething, right? - and Rajiv screaming louder to show who is boss around here. Dad is doing this tutoring thing that keeps him busy until about 6:30PM, you know, like a real job, and we are doing the best we can not to miss him too much. I go and pick up Appu from daycare in a rickshaw and he loves that. In fact when dad managed to go himself with the car last Friday Appu was heart broken.
I would have lots of rickshaw tales, including one that could be titled "The Creepy Driver From Hell". I will pass, but let me just mention the end when he said that it was 160 rupees, because it's 60 each way (and it's 40, anyway).

The tutoring ends on Friday, just in time to take Rohan to the doctor for his vaccinations before we fly to Paris on Saturday night. It is not really a vacation: dad will be working and mom will be mommying, but I promise at least one picture of Appu in front of the pyramid or the Louvre. I have bought a couple of guides to "Paris with Kids" and I am now under the illusion that it is possible to make Appu enjoy this trip and see something worthwhile at the same time. Only time will tell whether this is fantasy or reality. My mom will come and see us in Paris and Emiliano will drop by too, so that at least will be good.

By the way, the best thing that happened this week is the arrival of my new camera. So we are ready for Paris and the pictures of the fratellini will start flowing again very soon!

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