Monday, November 2, 2009

In Paris

Eccoci a Parigi! Un po' di foto prima e dopo il viaggio, con uno scorcio della via dove abiteremo per le prossime due settimane. Nella prossima puntata, la Tour Eiffel.

In case anybody was worried, here we are safe in Paris!

And here, as it is now tradition, are a couple of pictures of Appu helping us pack before the trip.

We are staying at a flat not far from the Ecole Normale, where S is visiting a collaborator and friend. These are our current whereabouts and as you can see the weather is a little unfavorable.

I won't show you the inside of the flat for now, I will leave it to your imagination. But no matter what you are thinking, nothing could prepare you for the huge purple couch supported by springs (!!) and the wall covered by mirror tiles :~

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