Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A truckload of pictures from France - Part I

Ho ancora un sacco di foto di Parigi da mostrarvi. Questa e' una prima parte, non proprio di Parigi, ma delle nostre giornate a casa aspettando il ritorno di papa' dal lavoro.

I still have a large backlog of pictures from Paris to show and the time has come to dump them here and be done with it.

We will call this first installment "What to do when you are stuck at home all day?"


You can sit on the purple sofa and be miserable.

You can be idle and look cute.

You can plan an outing to the park wearing your super duper rainsuit, but beware, you will still catch a cold if you jump in the puddles :(

You can put together giant puzzles - that your napoleonic mom will have ordered for you from France before the trip - on the floor.

Lacking this, you can always eat your sleeve...

... or your socks, and have a good time.

You can climb on every raised surface in the flat to try your mother's nerves.

You can play soccer in the otherwise useless long corridor.

You can read - and taste - your favorite books.

You can fly planes, even when you are feeling too feverish to even hold them.

And if that doesn't work, you can still eat them.

Then, when your dad comes home, you can call somebody on skype together, looking grumpy all the way.

Or maybe you can just take a well deserved nap. After all, it is hard work to do what you do.

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