Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Week twenty one

Appu compie oggi due anni e mezzo. Aguri! Rohan purtroppo invece e' ammalato per la prima volta e continua a tossire, povero.

Today Appu is exactly two and a half! And quite appropriately I have a lot of things to say about him this week. Let me collect them in a list of

proud moments:

While I was packing on our last day in Paris, Rohan started to cry. I was folding some cothes so I tried to calm him down with my voice while I quickly finishing what I was doing, but to no avail. Appu, who was sitting nearby watching his cartoons (what's new) turned away from the screen (!!!) and gently patted Rohan on his back saying something mysterious in a soft voice. My boy...

He finally learned to sing "Head, shoulders, knees and toes" with all the accompanying gymnastics. In fact as I was showing him the moves slowly repeating the words he said "sing song!". Hey, forget the song, HE TALKS!!!

Most spectacularly, he officially learned to count. Not always correctly, but he got the concept, which was of course the toughest part. I guess we can thank all his "educational" cartoons for this, so I can feel just a little less lousy for allowing him to watch them all day during our trip.


Unfortunately we are all still a bit beaten up by the mixture of germs collected in France - in fact it seems nonna Laura can thank us for a nasty cough too - and Rohan is the one who is feeling the worst right now. He coughs and coughs, this is the first real illness and he has trouble lying down. Combine this with jet-lag and you have a recipe for kids awake at 3 AM, super cranky dad with running nose and headache and mom who honestly just doesn't know how to handle this. At least mom gets to sleep in with said jet-lagged kids in the morning. Yay! :)

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