Thursday, December 10, 2009

Just to cheer myself up

I am not in the mood for light blogging these days, but I think I should try anyway and maybe the mood will improve :)

One thing I have done to that end is buying a Christmas tree. You know, one of those artificial ones that can be folded and put in a box. I also got a few cheap decorations, just to get started. I thought I would assemble the tree and decorate it with Rajiv one of these days, because in Italy normally the tree is put up around this time, but we decided to take the tree to Calicut next week instead. That way we can have it for Christmas itself and maybe we can even put some presents underneath.

Normally for an Italian baby the first Christmas would be a very exciting event - for the relatives I mean: all the baby really wants is to eat the tree... Rajiv hasn't had a real Christmas experience yet and it won't happen this year either, but I like the idea of having a few things here and there to remind myself of what season it is. Christmas for the children will come in due course.

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