Monday, March 15, 2010

Touching base

Hello everybody, long time no see... Sorry about that.

A few bits and pieces of our daily life:

Rohan is cutting more teeth; he has almost four now and he is beginning to put them to (bad) use. Ouch.

Achamma e achacha were with us for the weekend. Rohan remembers his achamma from previous visits, obviously, because he jumped into her arms as soon as he saw her. Appu is a little less theatrical, but I think he enjoyed his grandparents' visit too.

Have I mentioned that Rohan goes to daycare now? He seems to love it and mamma gets two to three hours a day to work - or sleep, if necessary :) Not much, but a good beginning and we are thinking of leaving him for more hours if a full time spot can be found for him later on.

Appu is again watching more cartoons than we would like. It is unfortunately the result of a new wave of viruses, coughs and headaches that has swept through our home recently. S. is still unwell and sometimes preschool tv shows are a parent's only friend in times of difficulty. These days Appu's favorites are The Wonder Pets. It is like a musical for children and the pets mostly put their thoughts into songs, sadly.

Fortunately Rajiv has other hobbies as well, so there is still hope. He loves to play outside and he has lots of friends. He likes to read letters and numbers anywhere he can find them - number plates are a big favorite - but he doesn't read words, so no need of contacting MENSA just yet :) At home he likes to paint and I wish I could allow him to do more of that, but with Rohan around every art session puts us in red alert mode.

Another recent passion of Appu's are snakes. Not real snakes, but funny cartoon snakes and especially abstract snakes, like these:

We play snakes with playdoh and sometimes with strings or shoelaces. Mostly we have small snakes looking for their big mamma snake. Other times the snakes just spend their time slithering around the house at great speed and climbing the coffee table, going down, climbing up, going down, climbing up, going down.

Accidents are very common among playdoh snakes, but we offer good snake-care and after a brief session with mamma they are like new.

Last but not least: Rohan is standing up more and more. Just a few seconds at a time, but he is getting more and more confident on his feet. Soon he should be able to push his walker around. Video time!

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