Saturday, June 4, 2011

Sorry, we are busy

I know I haven't posted in a long time, I am sorry about that, but we are really overwhelmed.
Things we are doing right now:

  1. Organizing a yard sale for TOMORROW to get rid of stuff we won't take with us when we (sigh!) move
  2. Arranging for someone to rent our house after we (sigh!!) move
  3. Organizing (can you say 'disorganizing' in English?) Rajiv and Rohan's joint birthday party for NEXT WEEK - and our guests don't know that they will be our guests, yet
  4. Arranging for packing and shipping of the stuff that we do want to take to India
  5. While doing all this and deeply covered in too much stuff, still shopping for a few essential children's books that we don't own yet (ok, that's just me: dad is innocent)
  6. Doing some of the work that we are actually paid to do?
  7. Planning a week in Paris on our way to India at the end of August. Ehm, this doesn't sound so necessary, does it?
Meaningful - so to speak - posts will resume as soon as I don't need two Starbucks Double Shot Vanilla drinks a day to keep going :)

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